Ignis is the capital of the Ignis Empire and also where the royal palace is located.


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There is one major city, located in the northeast of the region.

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Ignis has very hot summers and very humid winters. Temperatures through the summer can range anywhere from 90°F to 100°F while winters range from about 89°F to 96.8°F.

Its ever so hot climate makes it almost impossible to grow crops year round. Therefore, Ignis relies solely on trade with outside nations in order to obtain the proper resources it needs to flourish. It is bordered on four sides by desert so travel is very difficult to facilitate for outside travelers.

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Type: polytheism (slightly matriarchal) Direction: outwards Focus: saving the world from divine wrath

Ruling Deities: The Goddess of Crossroads and Death and the Goddess of Lust and Dusk Important Deities: the Goddess of Naps, the God of the Stars, the Goddess of Sleep, the God of Diplomacy, the Goddess of Death Rites

Divine Interaction: plays a part in most rituals

Involves: private shrines in homes Afterlife: is different for all individuals and cannot be reached while alive Supernatural: angry ghosts, demons (tricksters)

Worship: joyous individual daily prayers at home Holidays: very many Holidays Celebrate: the equinoxes, heroes, new moons, major deities, great priests, the harvest, saints, minor deities, historical events Major Holiday(s): happen only once every several years

Clergy: both genders Function: spiritual guides, ceremonial leaders, community leaders, maintain temples/shrines Lifestyle: luxurious Family: rare (celibacy encouraged) Chosen: appointed by head of clergy Distinguished By: a magical/divine aura Cultural Aspects

Symbol: an open hand and a book Holy Color: scarlet

Passed Down: via a strong oral tradition with some writings Creation Myth Type: dismemberment Mortals' Origin: stars Major Myth/Symbol(s): the rainbow

Deadly Sins: apostasy, recklessness and lust High Virtues: none

Associated Art-form: stories/parables

Coming of Age: 18 years old Coming of Age Rite: involves a test of strength/agility

Marriage: is for the purpose of building families Marriage Rites: are highly informal

Death Rites: involve dividing up the deceased's property



Because of the harsh climate of Ignis, it's markets solely work through traveling merchants who go to and from other bordering lands to obtain necessary resources for everyday living and return to sell them.

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Ignis is notorious for its hot and rigid air currents, so the best mode of transportation and most effective is through Airship. There are over two hundred air docks stationed throughout the Ignis Empire. Airship services are provided year round except during the winter season as the seasonal winds and temperatures tend to drop dramatically during the night.

In addition to the ships, Ignis also provides land faeries. These large ships are to hold a huge number of civilians and/or travelers and transport them safely through the desert terrain. There are approximately two ports located at each of the four deserts surrounding the empire. Because of their large size these faerie rides take about two to three full days to travel to and from the Ignis Empire and any neighboring lands nearby.

While walking is an option, it is highly discouraged to employ because of the desert climate. Normally travelers outside of Ignis will be stopped by sandmen who patrol the borders of the deserts and be asked to turn around. If the traveler persists, the guards are forced to let them through, providing them with a single canister of water for the blistering hot days and a large piece of tarp cloth to keep them warm during the cold, frigged nights.



  • Neand Summer Solstice Sports Festival

Neand is a solemn religious holiday celebrated just before the summer solstice. It commemorates a message. It is associated with physical strength, withering and a reversal of fortune. Celebrations last thirteen days. Traditions include public and private contests of cleverness and contests of skill. Several regions celebrate it differently.