Ephemera is the world in which the Ephemera series take place. Ephemera is comprised of two continents, each with its own nations that represent individual elements.

Geography Edit

Empires and Nations Edit

Oriens Continent Edit

Crystalia Empire Edit
  • Crystalia: The nation of Ice. Located in the northernmost region of the continent bordering Aquaria and Galia.
  • Auqaria: The nation of Water. Located in the northeastern region of the continent bordering Crystalia, Galia, Lutum, and Terra.
  • Galia: The nation of Wind. Located in the northwestern region of the continent bordering Crystalia, Aquaria, Blitzkrieg, and Lutum.
  • Terra: The nation of Earth. Located in the western region of the continent bordering Lutum, Aquaria, Blitzkrieg, and Fusilia.
  • Lutum: The nation of Clay. Located in the center of the continent bordering Aquaria, Terra, Galia, and Blitzkrieg.
Ignis Empire Edit
  • Ignis: The nation of Fire. Located in the southernmost region of the continent.
  • Blitzkrieg: The nation of Lightning. Located in the Southeast region of the continent bordering Fusillia, Ignis, Terra, and Galia.
  • Fusilia: The nation of Magma. Located in the Southwest bordering Terra, Ignis, and Blitzkrieg.

Altaria Continent Edit

  • Lumen: The nation of Light. Located on the eastern half of the continent.
  • Nox: The nation of Darknes. Located on the western half of the continent.

History Edit