The Crystalia Empire is the most powerful Empire in all of Ephemera and wishes to spread militarism over the world by taking control over other empires and nations through the act of military conquest. They currently control sixty percent of the world's nations.

History Edit

  • E.C. 1995: Crystalia overthrows Auqaria, bringing and end to the Auqaria Empire and signaling the start of the Crystalia Empire.
  • E.C. 1997: The newly formed Crystalia Empire engages in war with the Galia Empire.
  • E.C. 2000: The Crystalia Empire successfully conquers the Galia Empire.
  • E.C. 2003: The Crystalia Empire goes to war with the Terra Empire.
  • E.C. 2004: The Crystalia Empire successfully conquers the Terra Empire.

Hierarchy Edit

The Royal Family Edit

Geography Edit

Territories Edit

  • Crystalia: The capital of the Crystalia Empire and the nation of ice.
  • Auqaria: The nation of water.
  • Galia: The nation of wind.
  • Terra: The nation of earth.
  • Metallicus: The nation of metal.
  • Silva: The nation wood.